Our Inspiration...

The ‘Hastalekhan’ work that we have started has been inspired by late Jain Muni,His Holiness Pujya Hitruchi Vijay Maharaj Sahebji. His teachings on applying'Dharma' and 'Ahimsa' in one's life practically by adopting ‘Non-exploitative andNon-violent’ traditional ways of living of ancient Bharata have inspired many to live inresonance with this precious wisdom. A truly Great Saint, he led by example, livingthe simple life of a Jain Sadhu.

From reviving the 'Gurukula' system of Education and 'Hastalekhan' or ‘SacredManuscript Writing’ to promoting Organic Farming, Traditional Arts, Crafts andIndustries, his tireless guidance has spanned many disciplines. His path breaking‘Extraordinary Vision’ especially, in the ‘Conservation of Ecosystems’ and revivalof ‘Zero Waste, Non-polluting Traditional Lifestyles and Livelihoods’ has becomethe ‘Critical Need of the Hour’ to help India become self-reliant.


The Idea of Sahaayam

The idea of Sahaayam came about during the spring of 2017 to Pallavi Abhay Rathod with a mission to create new skills and employment, with a stable income for specially-abled people through sales of ethical handmade products to small-cap businesses. The founder has been rendering her services for the cause for over 22 years. She was providing voluntary services in a school for Handicapped people for 12 years. Due to her utmost dedication and benevolence towards the cause, she was a member of the core committee in the school.

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    Aims to make people Self-Reliant

    From setting up the hostel for girls to starting a rehabilitation center, she has always cushioned the lives of such people. In her latest project ‘Vocational Training’ which aimed to make the disabled people self-reliant by providing several vocational skills, she realized what these people lack is not skills or knowledge, but opportunities to earn their livelihood. These people post their high school graduation, either got no jobs or jobs on a contractual basis due to their physical inabilities. It is this disparity created by their limited mobility and the lack of opportunities for them in the society, which worsens their situation.

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    Aims to be Eco-Friendly

    Sahaayam, when started had only five specially-abled people working with them. With their beautiful handwriting, they curated handmade cards, wedding invitations, manuscripts, and the likes. Furthermore, she also aims to use only eco-friendly raw materials and ‘no machine use’ has always been her motto.

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    Aims to create Employment

    Initially started with small orders from family and friends, Sahaayam has its reach internationally now. All proceeds from the sale are directly given to the Divyangs. The aim is to create a source of income for the Divyangs with minimum expenses. A Trust is formed in the name of Sahaayam Public Charitable Trust to meet its growing needs. As Sahaayam is budding, there is a constant need for helping hands and a smooth flow of funds. Sahaayam Public Charitable Trust needs people to support it be it in kind or by motivating these people to engender their confidence and empower them.

Supporters of Our Journey

Pallavi Abhay Rathod the founder of Sahaayam sees to management of Sahaayam, the one who holds Sahaayam to its true values every single day. Sangeeta Jain and Nisha Jain are with us from day first. Sangeeta manages the finance and accounting for Sahaayam while Nisha helps with the designing. It was Prashant Balar who showed our founder the path to Muni Hitruchi Marasaheb and is in the roots of Sahaayam. All the Trust formalities are handled by Sanjay Patel. Kunal Balar and Aniket Solanki handle the social media marketing for Sahaayam. Abhay Rathod believed in the idea of Sahaayam even before Pallavi even set afoot to make it big, his experience and knowledge has put Sahaayam on an upward growth trajectory. Sahaayam is what it is today because of the support and dedication of these individuals who are devoted to the cause. Amul Muske, Rajesh Variya, Manish Prajapati and Hasmukh are four pillars of Sahaayam, they are a young team of individuals who despite their 90% of physical disability work diligently and put in all their blood and sweat into the place.

Power Woman

The Power Lady Behind Us

Pallavi Abhay Rathod the founder of Sahaayam is a versatile and a talented person, her interests range from oil painting to professional rangoli-making. Since her childhood, she has inculcated the values of benevolence, magnanimity and hospitality. She is an epitome of an independent and charming woman who single-handedly manages her family as well as her Trust. With the dauntless support of her husband Abhay Rathod and family, she was able to successfully start her NGO. ’Simple Living, High Thinking’ is her life mantra. Muni Hitruchi Marasaheb, a Jain guru who was introduced to her by her brother Prashant Balar is her role model and the one who asked the founder to adopt eco-friendly measures and 100% chemical-free and machine-free production at Sahayaam.

“The founder envisions Sahayaam to not only be the support system of handicapped people but their path to a new life of financial-independence, self-reliance and equal opportunities.”

We are in Press!

Look! Sahaayam is making headlines in newspapers and magazines. One of our proudest moments was getting awarded by the chief minister of Gujarat, Mr. Vijay Rupani, for its tremendous service to the society and starting a movement that is growing, nationally and internationally.


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